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Joe Caruso

Pedal Montclair:  What do you ride? 

Joe:  Currently I ride a Pivot Trail 429 and a Pivot LES.

Pedal MontclairFavorite places to ride? Why?

Joe:  A few of my favorite places to ride include Wissahickon and Belmont Plateau in Philly. French creek, Jim Thorpe is a hoot. Chimney Rock is a common spot for me locally and I’ve been doing Allamuchy a lot lately. I’ve only done Ringwood a couple of times but really dug everything there too.

Pedal Montclair:   Where would you go on your ultimate biking trip? 

Joe:  I'd like to go back to Kingdom trails. I know it's not a tall order but I’m assuming there’s no limit to who I can bring.

Pedal Montclair:  Advice to any new comers?

Joe:  1. Be a good ambassador to the sport.  2. Support your local bike shop. 

Pedal Montclair:  Who's your favorite rider? 

Joe:   I really don’t know. I do know that they’re usually among my favorite people!

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