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Carl Dauenheimer

Pedal Montclair: What do you ride? 

Carl: I ride my absolutely beastly XL Pivot Phoenix for downhill and I usually steal my Dad’s Yeti Sb6c when I ride local trails. 

Pedal Montclair: Favorite places to ride? Why?

Carl: I spend most of my weekends riding at Mountain Creek Bike park (my all time favorite place to ride on the East coast). My favorite place that I’ve ever ridden is the Whistler Bike park; there’s pretty much nothing that compares. When I’m not riding downhill I love ripping around Lewis Morris park right by my house.

Pedal Montclair: Where would you go on your ultimate biking trip?

Carl: I’ve been lucky enough to have already gone on my ultimate bike trip to the Vancouver area: Whistler/Coast Gravity; but I would love to venture further. My other ride before I die locations would be Leogang Austria, and Skyline Bike park in New Zealand.
Pedal Montclair: Advice to any new comers?

Carl: Ride what makes you happy and never get discouraged. It can take days even months to learn what seem like the simplest skills, but in the end It’s totally worth it.

Pedal Montclair: Who's your favorite rider? 

Carl: My favorite riders are my Mom and Dad. They introduced me to biking and have dealt with all of my crazy riding since then. Not to mention they’re great riders themselves.

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