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Artur Gawkowski

Pedal Montclair:  What do you ride? 

Artur: I ride a 2017 Specialized Stumpjumper, and just got it not long time ago a 2019 Pivot Les Fat rigid.
Pedal Montclair:  Favorite places to ride? Why?

Artur: Hmmmm. I don’t really have just one favorite place. I really enjoy a bunch of MTB parks. I like Allaire because I can go super fast there. I like Ringwood courses because of the difficult and technical trails there. What for sure scares me is Mountain Creek Bike Park, but at the same time always can’t wait to go there again. I think for me what matters more is with whom I ride with, not where I go:))))))))

Pedal Montclair:   Where would you go on your ultimate biking trip? 

Artur: My ultimate biking trip would be somewhere in Utah or Colorado.
Pedal Montclair:  Advice to any new comers?

Artur: My advice would be to try many bikes before you pull the trigger on your rig. Ride as much as possible and see where you’re comfortable and have more fun. Full suspension bike doesn’t mean it’s better than hard tail or even a rigid bike. I learned that in my own skin. Find fun people to ride with and enjoy it!!!
Pedal Montclair:  Who's your favorite rider? 

Artur: I don’t have one favorite rider. I got lots of guys I enjoy riding with. I have many guys I like follow and learn from them. I got many riders on the same experience level and below. They are all my friends and I’m always enjoying time we share shredding on some trails.

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